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Ecosoft P’URE Reverse Osmosis Filter With Mineralization

RO (reverse osmosis) is the most effective technology used in drinking water purification. It reduces 99.8% of impurities, as well as odours, flavours, and viruses making water clear, clean, tasty, and safe for human health, for both adults and children. The reverse osmosis filter is one of the low-cost methods of domestic water purification.

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Ecosoft is a leading manufacturer and distributor of filters in Ukraine. We supply our products to 60 countries worldwide and continue to strengthen our positions in the international market each year. 

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Our core mandate is to constantly evolve in our provision of products which ensure that you have easy access to potable water. From our wide range of filters and pumps to dedicated after sales service, be rest assured, at Aquasafe, you are guaranteed quality.

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We have partnered with companies who share our passion for water purification and sustainable water solutions. We do a thorough assessment of the challenge so that we can present the best solution to your water flow and purification needs. We delight in being able to ensure that you have a long-lasting solution.

Aquasafe has been the choicest Watercare Company for more than 10 years, making it one of the most trusted  in Ghana.